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Build a better world in less time

This is a quick read that will help you shave dozens of hours in world building. A lot of work went into this document and the content was edited and updated since it was first written. Have fun.

Download the Instant World Builder PDF (right-click and “save as”)

Build a great campaign in a great setting

As I edited the Instant World Builder articles to bundle them together I noticed that some of the content was complimentary with another Dungeon Mastering project: the Instant Campaign Builder. If you haven’t read it yet this is your chance!

Download the Instant Campaign Builder PDF (right-click and “save as”)

My suggestions

Sit down and brainstorm your world ideas but don’t start working on too many things at once if you want to keep your prep time down. If you feel like you spend a lot of time preparing for D&D sessions but don’t get proportional results email me – I’m always happy to help out.

Your suggestions

Your comments are worth a lot to me. Help me make this site more useful by telling me what you think of the DMing PDFs and the website in general. Thanks!

12 thoughts on “D&D Instant World Builder”

  1. I just discovered the site and I must say, it is quite easily some of the best advice I have received. that being said, the only downfall is that I found it during final’s week :'( Being a GM of a WoD game and thinking up ideas for a D&D campaign, finding this was quite a relief. Thank you for the wonderful information! I will definitely keep tabs on this.

  2. Maybe I’m too old and I just can’t get this computer navigation stuff down, but is there somewhere I can down load some map-making software? I would love to be able to create a world/regional/local/site map on my computer and then be able to print it out or upload it to Obsidian Portal.

    Sorry I’m making all you youngsters take me by the hand;-)

  3. A really good book is Imaginary Worlds by Lin Carter. It was written in the early 70’s with the novelist in mind but has some really great tips that can be applied to Dm’ing. the later chapters on what makes an interesting fantasy realm is very interesting.

  4. I never knew this resource was here, as in this site…but I’m oh so glad I found it. I’ve laboring over the design of my latest world and this allowed to put the icing on the cake rather quickly…thanx for the goodies

  5. That was once again great! Now, let’s just wait for the next gamer created Planescape or Ravenloft! Off to blog ya!

  6. Thanks Yax!

    I used some of the stuff from the campaign builder series and it worked great in my game. Let’s see how the world building turns out!

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