How to build scenes and stories

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Random thoughts

Before I get into the scene and story building stuff…  What is it about Twitter (or Facebook status updates) that is so addicting?  I mean, there rarely any give any valuable information and I never think “Gawd, I’m glad I spent the last 5 minutes on Twitter”.  Is it addictive because it’s the equivalent of trading one-liners with buddies?

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Building scenes and stories

I recorded these 2 videos last month for the RPG Maestro and I thought I’d share them here.  They’re videos about creating and organizing your campaign in an orderly and efficient fashion.  The videos were recorded with digital DMs in mind but everyone can use these tips, not just DMs who run their games from their laptops.


How to organize scenes and encounters

Watch the video »

How to create and orgranize your campaign story

Watch the video »

6 thoughts on “How to build scenes and stories”

  1. Good video, I think with a solid framework I’ll be more prepared for scenes where the PC’s do something completely unexpected.

  2. Twitter is addicting for the same reason texting is, with the added bonus of a larger audience. You can trade small pieces of information, and promote interesting websites (or your own website). You can chat with others.

    The format itself is a limiting factor that promotes brevity, which means trying to pack in as much information into 140 characters as you can. It can become an exercise in clarity, if you chose to view it that way.

    Heck, I’ve found people who use it to write stories, 140 characters at a time, building them slowly like Lego models.

  3. I really enjoyed those too. I am new to dungeonmastering and those videos are really helpful.

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