Instant world builder – Part VII: Hero Potential

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This article is part 7 of the Instant World Builder series.

Superstar factor

I already wrote about making your players feel like superstars in the Instant Campaign Builder series. There’s not much more to say about the concept itself: your players will enjoy seeing the characters grow, have success, and achieve greatness in highlight reel fashion.

Who are you building for?

Now you’re building a whole world and you’re doing it mostly so the PCs can explore it. It makes sense to create a few scenes and plot hooks around your players. Just think of ways that you think each PC could become über-awesome and have some time in the spotlight. Keep your players and their characters in mind when you create the world and chances are they’ll enjoy the campaign that much more.

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3 thoughts on “Instant world builder – Part VII: Hero Potential”

  1. Another idea could be to have your characters design part of the world (er.. the players rather), and then let the GM sort it all out and make sense of it. That way there is a piece of the world that the players feel especially attached to.


  2. It’s the same concept but transfered to world building. If 1 of the PCs is a wizard, pepper the world with locations that wizards might enjoy: mysterious magic academy, a magocracy kingdom far away, etc. You can do this for all your PCs.

  3. So this is the same as campaign building? I don’t see how it’s different than the other article you linked to.

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