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Dungeon Mastering’s free monster cards tool

Most of you probably know that we have a side-project called Dungeon Masterin Tools.  Right now, this free online tool allows you to create custom monster cards that you can print or use on your own website – we also teamed up with, a campaign wiki website, to allow you to export your monster blocks into your Obsidian Portal wiki.

The tools are straightforward and easy to use. See how it work: A Monster Card Tool Tutorial (2 minutes video)

1,000 monsters

The Dungeon Mastering Tools will soon have 1,000 monsters! Yay! Joining the fun / creating an account is free (both for DM Tools and Obsidian Portal) so give it a shot when you get a chance.

Latest updates

  • Monster cards can now have up to 10 powers each.
  • Improved site performance

Upcoming features

  • Traps & Hazards cards
  • Item cards
  • Power cards
  • Encouter Manager

How wikis make your gaming experience better

Here are a few articles you should read if you are considering running your game from your computer:

16 thoughts on “New updates to the monster card tool”

  1. i like the tool but i found a way to cheat your limited monster sistem! i’m not saying you shald look into it beacous then i have to pay to make more monsters!!!!!!!

  2. This is a very handy tool, thanks much!

    That said, there are a couple of formatting inconsistencies between the preview and what you actually get on Obsidian Portal, due to the general CSS setup over there. If you add font-family:arial and line-height:normal to your top level ul, it will match up much better.

  3. Argh. I take that last one back. I should have waited until I’d finished. It adds that text automagically when you enter an HP of 1! Brilliant!

  4. Ooh, also, remove the character limit on the bloodied field–I was going to put that “a missed attack never damages a minion” thing in there, but it stops me after the first ‘t’ in “attack.” Either that, or a checkbox next to bloodied that lets you indicate that this monster is a minion, so that text is added automatically. Actually, that would be even better, I think.

  5. This is a really nifty tool, and I’m going to look into converting my notes to Obsidian Portal to get the maximum use out of it. A couple of suggestions for the next version, though:

    A separate field for resistances; currently they just have to be added to the Immunities field, and then the word “Immune” doesn’t show as bold (and if they only have a resistance and no immunities, it just plain looks odd).

    Add a field that displays after the stat block at the bottom for a description, like many of the ones in the books have. Possibly also a second field for tactics.

    Add something similar to a “Save As” feature, so that you can modify an existing card to create a new monster. Handy for making things like minions, elites and solos out of standard monsters without having to start completely from scratch.

    Again, great tool!

  6. @Nicholas: Maybe a checkbox setting for “shared” and a little notice saying “All content is owned by the poster. By sharing you are agreeing that what you’ve posted is free of copyright and others may use it.” Lots of forums and wikis have that sort of standard license agreement.

  7. @MageMirin: I’d like that too but my assumption is there would be some legal complications. My guess would be that most of the monsters in there were copied right out of books.

  8. @Nicholas: I knew that, I was trying to sound ironic, “pestering” yax into considering making the monsters sharable in some fashion. Maybe make it so that the monsterblocks are importable somehow?
    @yax: If you want some help with that, I’ve got a LOT of free time. :) What software do you use for the site? I’ll start studying.

  9. @everyone: Thanks for the kind words and for pulling my leg!

    @Nick: You’re on it. It’s great that you’re on the east coast. When I wake up in the morning you’ve already had 6 hours to reply to comments. Yay!

  10. @Nicholas

    I was pestering yax about them last night in email too. I guess you just gotta tag team for it to happen :)

    Also, at-wil got changed to at-will! woo!

    Yax, thank you so much for your hard work!

  11. @MageMirin: He means that between our users we have put up 1000 monsters. There is no public database for the monster, each persons stable is maintained separately. If you want to use an existing monster you need to retype the stat block or copy and paste out of the compendium.

    It does take some upfront time investment (compared to running fights out of a book) but it also puts your stat blocks right next to your adventure notes. It also puts them all in one place eliminates the need to flip back and forth through books in the middle of a fight. As more books come out with new monsters, I think it becomes more important to find an efficient way to manage their stats in a fight. Since I started using Obsidian Portal and the monster card tools, I don’t even bring books to sessions anymore.

    So yeah, I’m not just a pitch man. I am also a user. Many of the new updates are things I pestered Yax about personally.

  12. So, how do I get to these 1000 monsters? I only see one. The goblin cutter I copied out of the monster manual to see what your tool did…

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