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Lessons from Memorializing D&D characters

Happy Memorial Day from all of us here at & we hope it was a good ‘long weekend’ for everyone.  Previously we’ve written a

Ideas from Game of Thrones season 5 premiere

Another Game of Thrones season, another army of ideas for your D&D games.  And although HBO GO recently became available via Apple products, (coincidentally in time for

Killing off Raise Dead

Picture this in your mind.  Rapier in hand, Darwidian dashes forward, desperate to get in front of the gigantic demon and protect the party’s vulnerable spellcasters

Multiple motivations for your D&D games

What if every player character in a one-off adventure came with a backstory featuring their own individual goal? Designing such a module or convention game

13 things unlucky players might hear

At the very end of the adventure, as the players head into that final room to confront the main enemy, what will the big monster