Weapons For Hire (Game of Thrones Puzzle) Solution

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Ready to see if like one of our loyal readers (congrats Rambage!) you solved our last riddle correctly? Stumped and need a hint or two? Then read on for the official solution to the GoT “Weapons for Hire” is now available! Read on to find out which mercenary sellsword plans to hire on to which noble House.

The Solution

wfh solution

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So, did you solve this one correctly? Have you thought about trying it in your campaign? Share some feedback so we continue to improve!  Again, from now on, be the 1st reader to post the correct solution to the next puzzle or provide the best way to incorporate it into a game & win a copy of either Scrolls of Destiny I or  Scrolls of Destiny II for additional player-puzzling fun.  And read other articles by me, Krysty here.

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4 thoughts on “Weapons For Hire (Game of Thrones Puzzle) Solution”

  1. Thanks for the comments, Jake and Rampage! And, yes, Jake, I agree. By itself, my puzzle is little more than a themed logic puzzle. It takes a good GM and a story line to bring it to life. Scrolls of Destiny is a tool, but a tool is only as good as the GM wielding it! The suggestions I give for putting it into your game are ones that I’ve tried myself that I know work well. Please leave a comment if you’ve tried other ways of using SoD puzzles in your game that work well, or even not so well! My goal is to improve with each new puzzle, and your comments help me to do just that!


  2. Stand alone, I think that the puzzle is juvenile at best. But! Before this post appears like a negative rant- I think properly incorporated into an adventure, one piece at a time, is a wonderful puzzventure (yes, I did just merge puzzle and adventure, so sue me). If the players are given all of the clues at once, or even one after the other, the puzzle (in my opinion- which should go without saying, this is MY comment after all) is tedious. However, I LOVE Krys’ idea of gathering small bits at a tavern. With or without GoT reference, player characters could be led to a bar to find a specific set of information- much like the puzzle asked to identify which sellsword plans to work for House Targaryen, one could supplement their own game detail (ie who robbed the sacred ruby from the night priests?). Step by step, each drunken bar-goer adds one more detail to the group. Depending on the players interactions, the details they are given can become more ambiguous and less useful, or extremely helpful, until finally they can put all the clues together to figure out who/ what they’re looking for.
    Well played Krys. I underestimated the utility of your puzzle and the extra dimension of fun it could bring. Thank you.

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