The Campaign Launch Pad

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The easy way to start a campaign

Being a Dungeon Master doesn’t have to be a hassle. With the right tools and the right attitude everyone can lay the foundation for an exciting campaign without losing any sleep.

2 free PDF resources for Dungeon Masters

Right-click and “save as”:

  • Start a campaign… Now! is a short document containing 4 articles focusing on getting a campaign started with virtually no preparation.
  • The Instant Campaign Builder is a 38 pages document containing 10 articles tackling everything you want to know about starting, running, and ending a great campaign with a minimum of preparation.

Original articles

Don’t like PDFs? Can’t read them on your cellphone? Read the articles online:

Start A Campaign… Now!

  1. Start A Campaign – Part 1: The first game
  2. Start A Campaign – Part 2: Before the second game
  3. Start A Campaign – Part 3: The second game
  4. Start A Campaign – Part 4: How to prepare a great game in 30 minutes or less

Instant Campaign Builder

  1. Instant Campaign Builder #1: Knowledge
  2. Instant Campaign Builder #2: Props
  3. Instant Campaign Builder #3: Improvization
  4. Instant Campaign Builder #4: Campaign Outline
  5. Instant Campaign Builder #5: LOCKing scenes
  6. Instant Campaign Builder #6: Hype
  7. Instant Campaign Builder #7: Planting
  8. Instant Campaign Builder #8: The Beginning
  9. Instant Campaign Builder #9: The End
  10. Instant Campaign Builder #10: D&D superstars

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  1. Yax, i don’t usually post comments, but it was needed here. Great job on your PDF’s! This is very useful information, and I am very grateful that you posted these for free. I would really like to see you keep up the good work on this site so i have to ask, do you take donations? Great job again and thanks!

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  3. That Instant Campaign Builder is a life saver. I use to have to do it the hard way but this method you have created makes it a lot faster and less of an headache.

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